Israel Part Two

Mel and Adi

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  1. Cliff Bennett says:


    Thanks for the updates on “The Land”. Your text and photos bring back a lot of fond memories. In the late 70s when I was living in Jerusalem, it was the Palestinians who did a lot of the manual labor needed by the Israelis. I’m very glad you were able to visit communities in the West Bank. It is good to hear again of the creativity of people using the resources available. When your relatives returned from the West Bank with you in stride…what was their impression of the people of the West bank they had met? Does the stereotyping of Palestinians as Terrorists lose some of its fearfulness when people have an opportunity to interact? (re: the book discussion: “Fit for Fellowship, Not for Friendship”)

    I read in the Press of Palestinians’ ancient water wells being destroyed by persons living in some of the Settlements. Have you seen or heard of any such past actions while traveling? I ask because sometimes reporting is not accurate. RE: Friends from the U.S. were asking in the 70s if I saw vultures flying in the Valley of Armageddan. They were concerned because such a gathering of birds would imply an apocolyptic event. Fortunately I had just visited the area and saw no such vultures and reported the same.




    • My relatives have their own opinions and there were some inches of change. What is very interesting is that Arabs and Jews are living side-by-side in many areas of Israel and there is a lot of interaction. I didn’t hear of the water wells being destroyed, but remember that I was only there for about 2 weeks and stayed focused. I’m glad you appreciated the info and photos.


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