Transition Town Charlotte, Vermont, USA

Our Transition Town had a fun dinner, making plans for the coming year. We are involved in two edible gardens, one at the local library and one at the Congregational Church in town. We oversee the collection of electronic waste once a year. We have an email list which includes more that 200 people (we live in a small town). We have a directory of people’s skills to share. We work with the town Energy Committee which is attempting to get the town buildings retrofitted to net-zero-energy buildings. We have composting at our local school and gardens there too. And we have hosted a number of movie nights and speakers over the last couple of years.

One effort that I’m involved in is to create a community pub/meeting place. Our town doesn’t have such a place and we think such a place would help foster community.

So, we’re busy and we’re having fun while we work.

About ruahswennerfelt

I am searching for a global vision for a sustainable, resilient world in the face of peak oil, climate change, and economic instability.
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