Listen from a place of not knowing

Louis and I are participating with several others in exploring the “new story.” That story is how we might understand our unfolding universe without relying on the “old stories” of the rights of some to subdue others. The new story combines the wondrous understandings of how our universe and our planet were born and continue to evolve with acknowledging that a great mystery abounds. It’s exciting and challenging to embrace this new story. We look to much of the work of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme.

The big challenge is that our ways of seeing the world have been shaped since we were born, with the old story as the basis for that understanding. How do we peel back, like the layers of an onion, those lenses through which we see the world? How do we open our hearts to a new way of knowing? While we were asking those questions one evening, one person asked, “can we listen from a place of not knowing?” Wow, can we shed sufficient layers so that we will be in a place of not knowing enough to allow new ideas and understandings in?

I’ve not written for awhile, partly being stunned by the happenings in our government, and by being overwhelmed by the numbers of people writing about them and giving advice about how to handle them. I didn’t want to be just one more adding to the barrage. I, as many are, am addicted to the news. I make promises to start the day with inspirational readings, but the computer calls to me to open it and see what new disaster has befallen our country.

So, what really helps me are the small groups of people that I gather with–to talk about our commitments to Earth, to share ideas, to explore ways to strengthen our communities. The New Story Group is one. A reading group Louis and I have been a part of for about 15 years is another. My work on creating the first ever national Transition US conference, to be held in the Twin Cities at the end of July, is another. And my faith community, Burlington Friends Meeting, sustains me, provides hope, and shares love.

My hope for you all is that you will also find the places that soothe your heart and help you continue to have hope.

About ruahswennerfelt

I am searching for a global vision for a sustainable, resilient world in the face of peak oil, climate change, and economic instability.
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